Opportunity to Join Training Camp

The hot war in Chengdu from the 2012 Nike National Junior Tennis Ranking Final Game was held. After reading the text, you will undoubtedly find the 2012 Nike National Junior Tennis Ranking Finals very useful for training tennis players. Nike always provides support and attention to these little players at the same time and makes efforts to make them the pride of Chinese Tennis.

In 2012 the Nike National Youth Tennis Final Competition started in Chengdu.

From 17 September 2012 to 23 September, the 2012 NIKE National Junior Tennis Ranking Final Tournament jointly hosted by the China Tennis Association and Nike Sports Co., Ltd. will start in Chengdu.

After this year’s ranking competition, 192 young national players stood out and gathered in Chengdu to attend the event in the final. This tournament is the highest level of a youth event that is certified by the Chinese Tennis Federation. Young competitors receive competitive experience through drama and earn teen integral ranking scores. The China Tennis Union and the Nike company have been involved in many efforts to set up tournaments over the years. They focus on the Chinese tennis project to train outstanding young players and reserve the backbone of a future comprehensive and well-trained Chinese tennis. They want to develop China’s best tennis players in the future. The new strengths of Chinese tennis Wu Di and Tang Haochen were trained by the event.

In 2012, the NIKE National Junior Tennis Ranking Tournament raced from January Thirty to September Sixteen. The event consisted of Jiang Men, Wuhan, Jiaxing, Beijing, Tianjin Binhai, Shanghai, Chengdu Shuangliu seven cities, twelve games stood and about three thousand competitors joined. Through the integral ranking, the nation’s junior age group ranked 32 strong players finally gathered in the Nike 2012 national youth tennis final competiton.

The Country Youth Tennis Score Standing of Nike is part of the Nike Junior Tour.

NJT’s goal is to provide global young players with the usual competitive stage, and the backbone of future tennis. From 1997 the development of the NJT event was about sixteen years in thirty countries and had a certain impact. Since 2004 this event has been introduced to China, the support of the Chinese tennis association, it has had a huge impact on cultivating reserve talent for young tennis. The Nike company adopts dominant resources and brings together renowned tennis coaches in the game to set up celebrity training rooms for athletes and youth coaches to conduct coaching, training, and actively instruct progressive tennis concepts and technologies.

Additionally, Nike revealed they are looking for potential junior players through NJT competitions at home and are offering them the opportunity to arrive to another country to join NJT’s final match training camp. These little players are exchanging skills with outstanding peer-to-peer players from around the world Health Fitness Articles, broadening their horizons and doing well in active preparation for the future path of professional tennis.

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