Tennis Clothing Etiquette: A Quick Guide for Novices

It can be hard to know what to do when you are just starting a sport. The easiest mistake is when you dress too padded. However, you do not want to have trouble moving. Having the wrong protection on the court can also make or break your safety. What should you wear to play tennis? And how can you make it look good?

Protect your Head There are some tips that will benefit you regardless of what. To keep the sun from your eyes, you need to wear headgear on the court. It’s more difficult to play if you don’t know what’s coming. To ensure it is always bright enough to play, you can invest in good sunglasses. Sport sunglasses can be coated with coatings that reduce glare and alter colors to make the ball more visible in brightly-colored environments.

The Basic Outfit

You should know that you must wear tennis shoes, a shirt, and either shorts or skirts on the court. Tennis dresses and leggings for women are acceptable. However, some courts don’t allow men to practice in sleeveless clothing. You need to make sure that all tennis outfits are able to wick away moisture like sweat and allow for good movement. While it is helpful to have matching outfits as well, this is not as important.

Tennis Shoes

Your shoes are an essential part of your gear. Your shoes should be adapted to your environment. If you play on grass, choose shoes that have a flatter, more flexible sole for better grip and movement. You will also need shoes that grip well on grass. After all, you don’t want to slip! For clay courts, tighter fitting shoes are recommended, while hard court shoes require a more rugged sole.

How To Make A Tennis Outfit

It can seem overwhelming to learn the basics of tennis fashion when you are a new player. Once you get the basics – the visor, shirt and shoes, as well as the shorts – it will be easy to look your best on the court.